want Plone i18n? help Lalo!

lalo 'daredevil' martin is attempting i18n branch at Plone CVS. If you want i18n. Help him. It is very very simple what you need to do. Its just *a lot* of work.

**UPDATE 4/24/02** Instructions have been posted - "click here":/contrib/internationalization/i18n_instructions to see the instructions. Are you interested in converting Plone to i18n? Its very simple. Four easy steps. 1. Install "ZBabel":http://demo.iuveno-net.de/iuveno/Products/ZBabel. 2. Do a cvs checkout of the "zbabel-i18n-branch":http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/plone/CMFPlone/?only_with_tag=zbabel-i18n-branch 3. Notify the "plone developers":mailto:plone-developers@lists.sourceforge.net that you are interested in helping and you have everything working 4. We get your changes funneled into the branch somehow. Basically all python expressions need to be fed into here.portal_translator('phrase here') and all should work. here is the letter received this evening on **plone-developers**

Well, I had to deliver a site this week for which I decided to use Plone. (Yes, I know we're not supposed to be using it in production, but it's quite good right now and better than CMF 1.2). But I needed the site in Brazilian Portuguese. So I decided to bite the bullet and internationalize Plone. However, ZPT internationalization hasn't landed yet. So I have to work around it. What I did was add a tool - portal_translator - and call it explicitly from TALES expressions: <p tal:content="python:here.portal_translator('Welcome!')">Welcome!</p> Yes, I know this sucks, and so this won't be merged back into Plone. But it works, and allows us to collect ZBabel translations. It's also a base for future work, when ZPT i18n is here the conversion shouldn't be hard. So, anyway. My work is residing on a branch. Update with "cvs -z7 up -r zbabel-i18n-branch" to see it. If you're interested in helping, contact me via email to coordinate. In your mail please mention if you already have write access to the Plone CVS. (You can also just use the branch to translate it to your language. In that case, save your work; when I'm finished I'll request all such translations, if you can donate yours. We (I and runyaga) are thinking about setting up a Master Babel Tower for Plone translations. If you want to know how to do translate stuff, contact me via email. You will need the ZBabel Product.)