Plone 0.9.9 and Example

Not quite 0.9.9, its 0.9.9.Closer. Sorry, but I couldn't end a good thing. We also have CMFExample, which is an example website that you can manage via Plone. Biggest changes - filesystem refactoring, usability fixes, move to 2 column layout.Please look to CVS if you want to help Plone development.

"Plone 0.9.9.Closer":/download/download/CMFPlone.0.9.9.closer.tar.gz/file_view and "CMFExample":/download/CMFExample.0.1.tar.gz/file_view have been initially released. This is a sloppy release. Quite large and there is extra cruft in the tarball. I am setting up CMFExample product to hopefully demonstrate CMF via 'learn by example' approach that seems to have been successful with "zopelabs": There is lots of unfounded criticism that I see in regards to CMF and Plone which demonstrate to me that these critics 'dont get' how to use CMF. CMF is a *framework*, Plone is a *implementation* of that framework. Now CMFExamples goes the extra step to load your CMF site with an example dataset and Products. CMFExample works only with Plone. Its new and probably has bugs. Report them in plone skin tracker. Opensource is meant for people to *help out* the community. Please help out by contributing. The only way to get things done is to attempt to do them, even if you get it wrong the first time - just do it. look at Plone 0.1. That was Plone 8 months ago. Very ugly and unusable. We've come a long way ;)