Plone 0.9.9 - Almost There :)

Almost there! We need to squash the rest of these bugs, address some usability issues, make a few CSS changes and we will be at 1.0.

Plone is feature complete for a 1.0 release. We are asking of the community to help please fix and report bugs on this version. I hope we can get a 0.9.9 release AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Then 1.0 will merely be more usability fixes and implementation tweaks. No new major features.

We also conclude our mad dash in the feature race for 1.0 sanity. Its taken us a long time, and people are wanting to develop on top of Plone - Now! They are welcome to. We may not furnish any migration tools from previous versions of Plone to 1.0. But as I've developed there are very few cases where we have changed things significantly.

So goto the download section and Add a Plone Site to your ZOPE. It will love you for it. :)