CVS to sourceforge

CVS access is moved to sourceforge. Now people can keep in sync with what we are doing.As well as see the mess that I leave in the HEAD ;p

Plone is now at sourceforge. Eventually it will be moved into Zope Corp's CVS (I hope). The main reason why it wasnt this round was because all the contributors havent signed the paper needed for contributor access

It would be nice to merge stable branches into CMF. This way CMF would have the latest stable branch of Plone. All CMF contributors can easily get access to CMF at sourceforge. Just ask.

Also, I still think it would be great if we could have a ZOPE only-like sourceforge hosted somewhere - where people didnt have to sign any forms. Only keeping the forms to the Zope2/Zope3/CMF core contributors.

Hopefull we will release 0.9.9 soon after we figure out how to work sourceforge.