Plone Foundation accepted into Google Summer of Code 2009

The Plone Foundation has been accepted as a mentoring organisation by Google as part of the 2009 run of their Summer of Code programme.

For the fourth year the Plone Foundation is one of the mentoring organisations selected by Google to accept students to its Summer of Code programme. One of 150 free and open source organisations selected in 2009, the Plone Foundation will be accepting proposals from students over the age of 18 to make improvements to Plone and its supporting technologies.

Previous work done has included the product created last year, and Vice the previous year. Students can apply with a proposal based on an community supplied idea from our online list, or with their own proposal, and, if selected, will be assigned a mentor from the Plone Community to help them with everything from feedback on design and code to integration into the community.

Potential mentors can sign up at the Summer of Code website, and although the student application process is not yet open, feedback and advice on ideas is available at the Plone Summer of Code mailing list or on IRC at #plone-soc ( If you're interested in being sponsored by Google to contribute to Plone 4, please get in touch, we're looking forward to hearing from you.