Tiny Shiny Alpine City Sprint 2024

Event date


Klein & Partner KG, Kirchgasse 6, 6176 Völs

According to the motto "Tiny Shiny" we will be organizing a small Alpine City Sprint in our office in the village of Völs this year.

Since two rooms in our shared office space are vacant, we can use them for sprinting. Christine and I decided spontaneously to offer a week sprinting in Völs, about 6 km away from Innsbruck city center.

I am so sorry for the ups and downs. I totally understand if it's impossible for you to join. Given the other events in March, May and June, we do not expect that many people - like the 25 Plonistas in 2023 - have time to join us.

Since a maximum of 12 people (14 with us) can participate this year, hurry up and register! The sprint is 7 days, but part-time participation is possible.

Go to the Collaborative Tiny Shiny Alpine City Sprint planning document and add yourself to the list and (if you know already) add your topic or join one.