Sorrento Sprint on Frontend Modernization and Python 3 Porting

Spend a week hacking in Sorrento! ***NEW*** Two great training classes offered!

Our perennial Plone Open Garden sprint returns for 2019!

Date: April 12-19, 2019 (note date change)

Location: Hotel Mediterraneo

Registration deadline: February 28, 2019


The hotel is full now, but you may be able to stay in a nearby hotel and still attend the sprint at no charge (though you will have to pay for your meals if you choose to eat at the hotel).

Price per day (includes breakfast and dinner):

  • Double room for 1 person: 150 €
  • Double room for 2 people: 160 €
  • Triple room for 3 people: 180 €

(Quad room is not available this year.)

The hotel is offering a 10% discount for any additional days that sprinters want to stay outside our allotted time period (subject to availability).

Cancellation policy: Full refund for cancellations up to 10 days before arrival date.  50% penalty after that.

***NEW*** Training Classes

This year, you can take these free training classes:

Python 3 porting, by Philip Bauer -- 10 am - 1 pm April 13, 14, and 15

  • Introduction to porting: Theory, Tools, Processes
  • Examples and frequent issues/questions
  • Porting add-ons
  • Porting real projects (that you can bring) using what was learned
  • Porting databases

You can bring a project that should be ported to Python 3. Make sure it has no more Archetypes dependencies, not a huge database and not a whole lot of poorly unmaintained dependecies that still need to be ported. 

React/Plone-React, by Rob Gietema -- 10 am - 1pm  April 16, 17, and 18

  • How to develop an application with React
  • The most commonly used packages in the React world like Redux, React-Router, Jest and Webpack
  • How to create a custom site based on Plone-React, including overriding views, adding views, theming and much more

You can indicate the class(es) you want to take on the registration form.

Sprint Focus

We've decided to focus this sprint on 2 topics critical to the future of Plone.

Porting Add-ons to Python 3

With Python 2 end of life coming right up on 1/1/2020, we need to get busy porting Plone's most important add-ons to Python 3. We will work from the curated list of add-ons developed at the Tokyo Plone Conference and pair up to tackle un-ported add-ons in priority order. If you have never done a Python 3 port, no worries! Philip Bauer will be offering training to help you get started and there will be plenty of experienced people to help.

Front-end Modernization

Let's work together to bring Plone more in line with what front end developers and content editors expect in a CMS these days. Our focus will be on efforts that will have high impact for both integrators and non-technical users, improving the experience for both classic Plone and React front ends and making features available in both ecosystems. We hope to attract both classic Plone and new Plone developers and provide a venue and topics that will encourage cross-fertilization.

Front-end subtopics:

  • Volto (React frontend for Plone), focusing on features to enhance adoption and the integrator story
  • Achieving Volto parity with the classic Plone frontend
  • Pastanaga (the new Plone UI) editor improvements, including tiles with a new backend approach using behaviors
  • Content quality and accessibility checking
  • Accessibility improvements, including Plone 5 and Volto parity

Additional topic suggestions from the community are welcome!

Register Now

See the Plone Open Garden page for general information about Sorrento and the registration form.


Follow up discussion will be in our community forum