Saltlabs Sprint in Halle

A 5-day sprint to finish Plone 5.2. We focus on Python 3 support and some features of Plone 5.2

Here is a list of topics we want to work on:

Python 3

  • Fix all tests
  • Migrating ZODBs with Plone from Python 2 to Python 3
  • Provide a replacement for WebDAV (removed from Zope in Python 3)
  • Migrate development plugins to py3 (plone.reload, Products.PDBDebugMode and
  • Migrate addons to python 3 (Mosaic, collective.easyform)
  • Test and Document Support for Windows
  • Test against Python 3.7
  • Fix all Deprecation- and ResourceWarnings


  • Change jenkins setup to test with py2 and py3 (main jobs and pull-requests)
  • Create a tox-setup for the supported python versions
  • Migrate mtest to python 3 and make test parallelization the default

Zope 4

  • Finish the bootstrap-based new ZMI
  • Fix remaining issues
  • Release

Plone 5.2 Improvements

  • Provide a new default-navigation with dropdown support
  • Improve barceloneta customization story and responsiveness
  • Remove remaining skin-templates and scripts
  • New add-form for content (inspired by CastleCMS)


  • Write (human-readable) Changenotes for 5.2
  • Upgrade-Guide
  • Add py3 information to training-docs  

UX and Accessibility Testing

  • Manual testing of Plone on Python 3
  • Manual UX Testing of other 5.2 improvements
  • Manual UX Testing of plone-react / Pastanaga
  • Manual a11y testing of 5.2 UX elements
  • Manual a11y testing of plone-react / Pastanaga
  • Identify changed UI for 5.2 and make screenshots
  • visual testing against ‘long-worded’ languages and LTR languages

See for details and registration.