Plone 6 Theming Sprint to the Finish!

Join us on Oct. 7-9, 2020 – the new Bootstrap-based plonetheme.barceloneta has already been used successfully in production and is being deployed in several current projects. Help us put the missing pieces in place and head for a Plone 6 alpha release!

Join us for the Plone 6 Theming Sprint, Oct. 7-9, 2020!

Since the Plone 6 Sprint last April, we have held weekly sprint days to update Plone's markup to make it work with Bootstrap 4.

Based on our experience working with it on several projects, we recently restructured plonetheme.barceloneta to make the theming process more approachable to everyone.

This work has been used with Plone 5.2 to deliver production systems, and several Plone providers have switched now to using Plone 6 for their current projects.

During this sprint, we will be working on:

To get a head start setting up for the sprint, try the PLIP config in buildout.coredev. You'll find more info about the bootstrapping and development process in #2967 in the development section.

Everybody is invited to sprint with us on these or related topics. Please add your name and topic to the Etherpad: