Plone 6 Classic Resources Sprint

On the way to Plone 6, we want to bring the Plone Classic Resource Registry forward and also modernize the Plone Mockup UI library for Plone 6. The work on the Bootstrap 5 theming story is on going as well and will be farther improved during the sprint.

During the Plone 6 Classic Theming Sprint in October, we made good progress on updating Plone's markup to make it work with Bootstrap 5 and we have held weekly sprint days to continue this work since then.

Now we want to focus on the modernization of the Plone Resource Registry, which basically means making it simpler and more robust. We will move away from RequireJS and from TTW compiling of resources. Which gave a lot of developers a headache in Plone 5. Plone 6 will have a much simpler Resource Registry with less complexity. Resources will be compiled outside of Plone with Webpack or the tool of the developers choice and simply registered into Plone.
The Plone Mockup UI library will be modernized and refactored to work with Webpack instead of RequireJS. Thanks to dynamic loading of dependencies in mockup, this will also lead to smaller bundle sizes and faster loading of Plone.

For more details on this topic follow the PLIP (#3211)

We hope to see many of you on the remote sprint, to bring Plone 6 Classic a bit closer and make developing and using it more fun.

To get a head start setting up for the sprint, try the PLIP config in buildout.coredev. You'll find more info about the bootstrapping and development process in #2967 in the development section. And for Resource Registry / Mockup have a look

at these PR's/branches:

Everybody is invited to sprint with us on these or related topics. Please add your name and topic to the Etherpad:

Nov 25, 2020 to Nov 26, 2020

From 09am until 6pm: