“Not-an-Alpine-City-Sprint” Sprint 2021

Three days virtual/remote sprinting on Plone Core topics, but not the Alpine City Sprint as you know it.

This time of the year, under normal circumstances, we would have the Alpine City Sprint in Innsbruck. So, given the special nature of the sprint it is not possible to turn it into a remote sprint.

Anyway, we will sprint remote and online on all Plone core topics on February 10th to 12th.

We will use Jitsi and Discord to coordinate, have stand-ups (or sit-ups).

For details follow the thread at community.plone.org

Regarding to the actual Alpine City Sprint 2021: If it will happen, then this time in summer 2021 and probably outdoors in the mountains around. I still have no clue if it is possible. Stay tuned, healthy and first join us remote!