Manresa Sprint

The Manresa Sprint will take place in Manresa near Barcelona, from 19th of June to 21th of June.

Sprint Topic

The goal of the sprint is to work on improving Plone-React when running with Guillotina.

Plone-React is a new ReactJS-based frontend for the Plone Content Management System. Guillotina is a new Python3 and AsyncIO-based backend that implements the Plone RESTful API (plone.restapi).

Since Guillotina and Plone (with plone.restapi) share the same API, it is possible to use the same frontend with different backend implementations.

Sprint Dates and Location

The sprint will take place between 18th and 20th of September 2018 at the Iskra office in Manresa.

The Manresa Sprint is organized by Iskra and kitconcept.

Join Us!

We decided to do the sprint pretty much on short notice. Though, if you are interested in the sprint topics you are more than welcome to join us remotely! Find us during the sprint at the #sprint channel on Plone's Slack and say hi!