Guillotina sprint in Toulouse

June 13 - 16, 2019

Guillotina (PyPi, GitHub, documentation) is a great framework which can help in many use cases (not only CMS), it allows to deliver fast and scale.

We think too many people do not know it and we want to raise the level of awareness about Guillotina.

That is why the Toulouse Guillotina sprint objective is to enhance the developer-friendly aspects of Guillotina which are commonly provided by well-known existing web frameworks (like powerful admin interface, simple object model), and to push more specific aspects which make Guillotina such a unique framework (traversal, async, object database).

We will work on:

  • expand the features of admin interface:
    integrate it with some of the addon packages we have (users and search for example)
    executioner addon policy
    better guillotina cms support
  • normalize some of the endpoints,
  • improve db/transaction apis
  • GOS (the new Guillotina database)