Buschenschanksprint 2018

The Buschenschanksprint happens again from 11th to 15th June 2018 in Berghausen in Southern Styria, Austria.

This is the fifth Buschenschanksprint in the middle of the beautiful Südsteirische Weinstraße. We will sprint on a beautiful spot at a old wineyard house. There are lots of possibilities to hike, so bring your trekking shoues! Nearby there are quite a few Buschenschänken where we can have a good Brettljause and a good glass of wine.

The sprint Topics include Plone and Python 3, Zope 4, Plone and JavaScript/Mockup/ReactJS, YAFOWIL.

For more Information visit: https://community.plone.org/t/buschenschanksprint-2018-11-6-15-6-2018/6154