Alpine City Sprint 2019 - Plone 5.2 Release Sprint

Its mission: Push Plone 5.2 and its ecosystem forward to the final release.

The sprint will take place in the Klein & Partner office building's conference room.

The sprint topics will include:

  • Plone core development - focus on getting a final 5.2 release out at the sprint or soon after.
  • Zope 4 core development
  • upgrading lots of Plone add-ons to Python 3 and Plone 5.2
  • documentation
  • UI/UX improvement

And expect 007!
On Tuesday we will have lunch in the Ice-Q, the restaurant located at the spectacular mountain top clinic in the James Bond movie Spectre. It is on the mountain Gaislachkogl (3048 m) in the Ötztaler Alpen near Sölden. We will visit the 007 Elements exhibition located there. Expect a stunning view over the central Alps! It is possible to ski or snowboard down to the valley. Alternatively, you can take the cable car: no mountain/snow skills needed!

More information and registration at the Alpine City Sprint website