The making of plone tv


Nate Aune

Track Type

Product Demo



This talk will give some insight into the making of, a website for sharing audio, video and screencasts about Plone. We will show the Plone4Artists suite of multimedia products, the foundation on which is built, and do a walk-thru of the unique features that these add-ons provide. We will demonstrate the uploading of audio and video files, as well as adding videos to your Plone site which are actually hosted on popular video sharing sites such as Youtube and Google Video. We will demo how to subscribe to podcasts which lets you enjoy this content offline using your desktop media player application such as iTunes or Miro. Deliverance makes it easy to take the content from a CMS and style it in various ways without understanding the architecture of the CMS. This creates a formal distinction between content production and content delivery. We will talk about our experiences using Deliverance to push the content delivered by Plone to the HTML/CSS theme created for Amazon EC2 is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. We will also discuss our experience deploying the site to Amazon's EC2 computing grid and how this makes it possible to easily scale a Plone site as traffic increases. This talk is for anyone who is interested in learning about adding multimedia capabilities to their Plone site, deploying Plone to EC2 or theming Plone using Deliverance.


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