KSS Techniques for Dynamic Web Sites

KSS is our fantastic new technology for building dynamic, engaging web sites leveraging JavaScript, AJAX, and other technologies -- without your having to use JavaScript directly. Learn what KSS does, how it works with your site, and how easy it is to add interactive features to your existing sites. "The power of JavaScript with the Syntax of CSS".


Joel Burton,




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We'll cover:

  • what KSS is
  • a hands-on demo of a simple KSS application
  • making things work in non-JavaScript environments (without any more work!)
  • adding interactive features -- without coding JavaScript
  • the future of KSS

(Note: this talk replaces the "Skinning with Plone 3" previously listed. It was felt that that would be an unneccessary duplicate as the "Getting Read for the Prom" talk also covers Plone 3 skinning).


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