SchemaExtender Extends Your Mind


Erik Rose

Track Type

  • Technical
  • Product Demo



Archetypes’ schemaextender module is the shiny new way to add fields to and commit other defacements upon existing content types: for example, adding a URL field to News Items. It’s lovely:


  • No subclassing, so existing code will automatically use your new fields
  • Very little code to write
  • Better performance than ye olde ways of doing variable schemas
  • Adapter-based implementation, so changes can be scoped to part of a site


We'll add custom fields to one of the stock content types and have a good time.


Post Symposium Media

  • Slides (QuickTime). This version has no notes or audio, but it's good if you don't have a Mac or Keynote (or the free 30-day demo thereof).
  • Slides (Keynote): the full Keynote presentation. Open the package, and you'll find the full-size screencasts inside.
  • NewsItemChannel example product, as seen in the presentation—a great start for your extender!
  • Video