Plones Anatomy

Presentation at Plone Symposium East 2008 by Calvin Hendrix-Parker.


Calvin Hendryx-Parker

Track Type

  • Training Session
  • Technical


Dive into the bowels of Zope and Plone and discover all the answers to the developer questions you have ever had. See how all the pieces of the software stack interact with one another. What is the CMF and the ZODB? Understand how each of the deployed pieces impact one another. Learn about some APIs that you can count on and re-use instead of coding common functionality from scratch each time. Six Feet Up's Director of Engineering CalvinHendr yx-Parker will go over the following topics: * Exploratory dissection of the pieces that compose the Plone stack, such as the Plone product, CMF, OFS, etc. * X-ray of a standard Zope/Plone deployment comprising of a ZEO cluster, Pound, Squid, Apache, Nginx * The Natural Healing Book of Plone, with chapters such as: Standard tools (workflow, types, catalog), Content Types (AT, non-AT) and CMF APIs


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