Plone and Blackboard Integration


Eric Carty-Fickes, Chris Wallace, Jonathan Smith

Track Type

  • Education
  • Product Demo



Many universities employ course management services such as Blackboard for their curricular needs. Often, there are enough resources invested in the software and infrastructure that it is not an option to change solutions even when other more suitable options present themselves. Plone and its many extensions provide a rich toolset for use in an educational setting. If only there were a way to seamlessly integrate the two systems and reap the benefits of both...


To answer this dilemma, we have developed an authentication plugin product for Plone and a corresponding Blackboard "Building Block" which allows users to log into a Plone site with a single click from a course website. This has enabled us to give students and professors access to our custom Plone sites and the tools within them, including a course wiki and blog.


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