High Resolution Image Viewing and Annotation Tools for Plone


Jonathan A. Smith, Eric Carty-Fickes


Track Type

  • Education
  • Case Study


Origami Image Tools consists of several open-source plone products for working with zooming, high resolution images for the web. The software includes: • A content type that presents a Flash-based viewer for exploring zooming, pyramidal tiled images. The user can explore huge images (we have some more than 3 GB in size) via the web. • Software that prepares tiles from high resolution images uploaded to the server. The tiler runs on a separate thread and uses a queuing scheme to keep from overloading system resources. • An small image server integrated in to Plone that allows views on tiled images to be incorporated directly into web and Plone pages. • An annotation tool that lets a user select and attach notes and data to features on zooming high resolution images. The annotation tool includes support for multi-language controlled vocabularies. • Annotations are stored as Plone documents that may be searched and integrated into other documents. In addition, the zooming viewer is capable of displaying annotations in read-only mode. This presentation will demonstrate and describe these tools and their use in several educational and scholarly projects.


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