Getting Plone Ready for the Prom

Presentation at Plone Symposium East 2008 by Clayton Parker of Six Feet Up.


Clayton Parker

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Your Plone instance can dance and sing. Now you need to pretty it up. Ever wondered about how to stylize Plone's look and rearrange the layout? Ever contemplated interacting with Plone's stylesheets or going with a full face-lift? Six Feet Up's Senior Developer Clayton Parker will be your Beauty Specialist and lead you through the makeover of your Plone site referring to several Plone fashion models. Some of the topics touched on will include a review of the various philosophies to reskinning Plone, beauty tips for augmenting the site layout via viewlets, training on when to use Zope 3 resources, and help with registering your customizations with the resource registries. The presentation will also go over how to use base properties to create your site's very special look. Some common Plone fashion faux-pas will be unveiled as well, such as using the custom folder or bloating your site's HTML.


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