New Orleans Symposium 2006

One week after Mardi Gras, March 8-10, Enfold Systems will host 3 days of presentations, tutorials, and feedback sessions. There will be a lot of socializing afterwards around the French Quarter. The symposium will be held on famous Bourbon Street!

Task-oriented Presentations When: March 8-10 2006 Where: New Orleans, Louisiana. Another large Plone event will be held with over 50 hours of lectures, tutorials and Q&A sessions. The symposium will occur at the same facillities as last years symposium. A formal announcement will happen next week when registration opens! Breaking Down the Baroque The goal of this symposium is to find presenters interested in giving presentations that revolve primarily around business and end-user goals. Each presentation may have a funny title but there will be a specific "Business Outcome" which should summarize the presentation and what the attendee's should understand if they attend the talk/tutorial. Deep technology discussions will not be left out, but all talks must relate to a business need. An example could be: Object Persistence; When its better than SQL. There should be a release of Plone 2.5 by the time this event occurs - so there should be a lot of fodder for making business cases from technology landed in the latest release! Witness History and Learn About Plone I chose to have a Symposium in New Orleans this year because of the recent events with hurricanes and the devastation that befell the region. The first Plone conference brought 125 persons and if each person spent 1000 dollars during their trip that would be 125k put into the local economy. Its not much but its something! New Orleans is back to normal to hold a conference. It is safe. Our accommodation will be very nice (like they were last year and the years before that). It is an experience of a life time to see the changes in New Orleans. It will get better. But New Orleans is a tourist oriented city and it needs us to hold gatherings and put money into the economy. The sooner the better. Tour the disaster This might sound morbid - but I think its important. If you are interested in touring the disaster - I might be able to put together a tour bus. It would have to happen the days following the Symposium. I was really awe struck to see what has happened to my home city. Maybe we can talk about both national and local politics. Summary March 8-10, for three days Enfold Systems will host the New Orleans Plone Symposium 2006 at the Astor Crown Plaza on the corner of Canal and Bourbon Street. I am hoping we can have a large turn out to show everyone’s support for both Plone, the Project and the city of New Orleans.

Alan Runyan

Co-Founder of Plone
"Enfold Systems":