Other Opportunities

Other opportunities are also available:

  • Sponsored Development Sprints.
  • Headline Lunches and Snacks.
  • Reception or Party Hosting.
  • Conference Amenities.
  • Network Sponsoring.


Other Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Sponsored Development Sprints: Feed hungry sprinters October 11, 12. (Estimated cost: $1,500 USD)
  • Headline Lunches and Snacks: Help pay for the food and help your exposure! (Estimated cost: $10,000 USD)
  • Reception or Party Hosting: Get extra exposure with a ballroom bash! (Estimated cost: $20,000 USD)
  • Audio/Video Sponsor: Record sessions and make a long-lasting impact on the community. (Estimated cost: $30,000 USD)
  • Lanyard Sponsor: Your company name around every neck. (Estimated cost: $5,000 USD)
  • Network Sponsor: Your company pays for the wireless network. Everyone loves you for life! (Estimated cost: $10,000 USD)

Other ideas welcome! Please send them to the conference planning team at: plone-conference-2008-dc-planning-discussion@lists.openplans.org.