Pre-Conference Training

On Oct 6 and 7, the two days before the conference, we're offering value-priced training on site from experienced Plone trainers. Whether you're new to Plone or an advanced developer, we have a class for you.

These classes are hands-on, best-practice-oriented courses taught by three of the world's experts in teaching Plone.

Each of them is only $300, and is separate from your conference registration. Please see: or below for more information.


Introduction to Python for Plone

Taught by Chris Calloway, a leading community member and the developer of "PyCamp", a hands-on crash course on Python.


Learn how Plone is powered by the Python programming language. The essential elements of Python are introduced by way of interactive examples in Plone. By examining the Plone API in Python scripts, external methods, filesystem products, and core Plone code you will gain the keys to unlocking the secrets of Plone.

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Theming Your Plone 3 Site

Taught by Joel Burton, developer of the "Plone Bootcamp", the leading course on building and deploying Plone sites.

Learn how to design and build a theme for your Plone 3 site, using proven tips and best practices. Covers the core skills of Plone theming all the way through custom viewlets, portlets, and KSS. A friendly and comprehensive hands-on course for both web designers and site integrators.

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Advance Practices for Plone 3 Development

Taught by Martin Aspeli, core developer and author of "Professional Plone Development".

Learn the techniques for designing professional, reusable products for Plone 3. This course covers hands-on use of Zope 3 design patterns in real-world settings. An advanced best-practice course for experienced integrators and developers.

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