Conference Session

Why Through-The-Web Development Isn't

By: Malthe Borch

About Malthe Borch

Malthe Borch has been an independent Zope developer since 2004. His contributions to the Zope community include a template compiler and a relational object database. He's also an active member of the Plone community. In Winter 2008 he started the Vudo-project to bring light-weight content management to Zope 3.    

About the session

As the title suggests, there is a bias against the current state of affairs. Examples will be provided to illustrate inherent flaws and mistakes and I'll give suggestions and ideas to rectify these. In particular we'll look at the schism between file-system development and the import/export TTW-model. We'll also try to better define what we mean with TTW and how it relates to configuration and application behavior.

This is a Talk (45 min)