Conference Session

Why Plone Works Well for Large Government Agencies

By: Ken Wasetis

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About the session

I'll start by describing the process that government agencies typically go through in selecting a CMS, and why that's good or bad for Plone and Plone integration vendors.

I'll then point out the features that are critical for a CMS at a government agency (workflow, security, version control with audit trail, etc.) and note how Plone stacks up in this regard.

I will unfortunatley NOT be using screen shots of government sites published with Plone nor the Plone administrative interface in action while managing such content. I will not affiliate myself or my company with past/current government clients (who very likely may attend the conference, fyi.)

I'll discuss potential approaches for getting Plone into more government agencies (such agencies are allowed to talk to one another at a certain level, point to the PloneGov and other projects in Europe, where government agencies can be more open about the systems they're using, etc.) I'll describe what more these types of agencies are looking for from Plone and the community - how we can better ourselves and our message to them.

This is a Talk (45 min)