Conference Session

When Good Code Goes Bad: Tools and Techniques for Troubleshooting Plone

By: David Glick

About David Glick

I began working with Plone full time in September 2007, and have rapidly gained experience through contributing to some 15 website projects at ONE/Northwest, ranging from skinning to custom python development. Contributing code to add-on products like Slideshow Folder and the Plone-Salesforce integration tools, as well as to Plone core, has given me further opportunities to hone my debugging skills. I haven't presented a talk before, but I did participate in the integrators panel discussion at the Plone Strategic Planning Summit, and led several hours of basic training in Plone theming for one of our clients. I am excited to help beginning programmers using Plone to become more confident.

About the session

Using real issues encountered in the wild, this session will help beginning integrators gain confidence in knowing what to do when Plone fails to behave as expected. Learn how to solve common problems like "My changes aren't taking effect" and "My Zope instance won't start," as well as how to use pdb to investigate more complex Python errors.

This talk is targeted at integrators who have some experience with Plone, but who are not confident in troubleshooting errors and other unexpected behavior. Knowledge of Python is not required, though at least a cursory familiarity with some programming language will make the talk more digestible.

This is a Talk (45 min)