Conference Session

What makes a great development team?

By: Mike Robinson

About Mike Robinson

Michael is a Project Manager at Deloitte MCS. He specialises in delivery of custom applications, mentoring organisations on how to get the best from their development projects and advising at a strategic level on number of technology issues.
Michael has been a leading advocate of innovative approaches to delivering business value. He leads the Openness and Custom Development groups within Deloitte UK and is a subject matter expert in the areas of  open source, open standards, collaborative working, and Agile processes. Michael has written a number of papers and represented Deloitte's views on these topics in presentations and seminars across the UK.

About the session

No one method fits all projects in all organisations, different techniques work in different situations. However, what is more important is that we have a set of core principles that sit at the heart of any approach we adopt. These principles are not limited to any single method or even role or period within a method. By following a set of well understood guiding principles and using a continuous cycle of inspection and adaptation, the process, practices and techniques will evolve to best fit the situation. In this presentation I'll share what I believe are the core principles for a great development team.

This is a Talk (45 min)