Conference Session

We All Stand Together

By: Cris Ewing

About Cris Ewing

Cris Ewing is a former solitary PHP developer who has been working in Plone for two years now. He has become a part of the Plone community by participating in projects with teams in the US and around the world. He has a strong background in community building gained from years in the cooperative living and education movements. He is currently employed by the Department of Radiology at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, USA.

About the session

Once I was a lone-wolf developer, working by myself on projects that few would use, and even fewer appreciate. I can testify that the sense of satisfaction that I've gained from participating in the Plone community has fueled my enthusiasm for the product, for my job, and for the world of open-source software in general.

In this talk, I'll be covering gateways into the Plone community, jobs that need doing, benefits of participation and the secret to becoming a happy and successful plonista. The talk is aimed at both newcomers to Plone and those who have worked in the system for a while but have yet to step into the circle of active community members. It will be lively, humorous, fast paced and non-technical.

This is a Talk (45 min)