Conference Session

Using Grok to Walk Like A Duck

By: Brandon Craig Rhodes

About Brandon Craig Rhodes

I have been a maintainer of open source Python software for nearly a decade; currently contribute to Grok/Zope; and hope in the near future to contribute to Plone as well. I have given well-received talks in front of both PyCon and the NOLA Plone Symposium.

About the session

The version of this presentation that I gave at NOLA is here: I do keep evolving the talk, however, and really hope that by October I will be able to give examples of Grok code that work inside of Plone itself. The outline of my talk is generally that: when programming in an object-oriented language, there are several ways to give an object a new behavior so that it can operate in a new context; but most of them are bad ways (subclassing, monkey patching, etc); but the Adapter design pattern solves most of the problems, except that you have to keep calling the Adapter yourself all over your code; so a Component Framework like Zope 3 steps in and lets you register adapters so that they can be automatically called when needed. Since displaying an object on the web just means giving it some new behaviors, you can suit up an object for presentation on the web just by writing some adapters. Fun.

This is a Talk (45 min)