Conference Session

The Big Green Button: Turning Plone into a dynamic site factory.

By: Carlos de la Guardia

About Carlos de la Guardia

Carlos has been doing web consulting and development since 1994, when selling any kind of project required two meetings just to explain what the internet was in the first place. He was co-founder of Aldea Systems, a web consulting company where he spent ten years working in all kinds of web projects using a diverse range of languages and tools. In 2005 he became an independent developer and consultant, specializing in Zope and Plone projects. He frequently blogs about Plone and other Zope related subjects.

About the session

The National Library of Congress of Chile wanted to use Plone for managing the content of half a dozen sites, all of which could reuse some of that content in different ways. They needed a specific structure and features for the content management side and completely different site structure and navigation for each of the front ends. They wanted the editors to choose specific content, layouts and themes for their sites, but always keeping to a single source of content. We decided to use Plone exclusively for managing the content and create a publishing control panel to be able to define target sites that use that content. Once defined, those sites can be exported and used independently of Plone with the click of a button, either working with their own copy of the content or remaining synchronized with Plone's content for automatic updates. In this session, we will review the project's goals and history, share lessons learned and take a look at the site generation tools and process. If you are interested in real world use of technologies like Repoze, Deliverance, WSGI and Content Mirror you should come.

This is a Talk (45 min)