Conference Session

The 10% manifesto and further — Methods for organized contribution to strategic development of Plone

By: Geir Bækholt

About Geir Bækholt

Geir Bækholt has been a contributor to Plone since the start of the project. In Plone's lifespan he has contributed user interface designs, css and javascript, core components in Plone and extension products to help extend it. He is a co-founder and managing director of Jarn (previously Plone Solutions), a Norwegian and international Plone consulting and development company with close ties to the Plone community and to the development of Plone itself. He organized the Archipelago-sprint in 2006 and spearheaded the "10% Plone manifesto" in 2007. Geir is a board member of the Plone foundation.

About the session

A panel discussion of possible approaches for organizations (probably mainly Plone development and consultancy companies at this point) on how to contribute to Plone's strategic development beyond the efforts of individual developers.

"The 10% Plone manifesto" is one possible approach, dedicating resources to non-customer-driven development, but other approaches might be possible.

I can hold a short introduction on our experiences from the 10% Manifesto in practice, its advantages and drawbacks, and how it might be applicable to other businesses.

The panel would consist of managers from key Plone consultancies and possibly a couple of developers employed in these companies to hear what kind of freedom/control/structure they would prefer.

This is a Panel discussion (45 min)