Conference Session

State of Zope 3

By: Stephan Richter

About Stephan Richter

Stephan Richter received his Master in Physics from Tufts University. He has been a part of the Zope community since the summer of 1999, and has been involved in community activities such as core developement, documentation and organizing conferences. He also consulted with Zope solution providers, developed many third-party pacages, and published three books on Zope. After attending the first Zope 3 sprint in early 2002, Stephan became a core Zope 3 developer. After consulting for several years, Stephan joined a new and very exciting start-up Keas, Inc as the Technical Lead in early 2008.

About the session

So where is Zope 3, how is it doing and why do you care? In the last 18-24 months the development of the core Zope 3 components has drastically slowed down. And that's a good thing! But that does not mean that the community is idle or even dead. We converted the entire Zope 3 tree into packages (including tools and process), stabalized packages by fixing many bugs and misfeatures, and developed many new add-on packages to improve the day to day development experience. And since Zope 3 is usable from within Plone, these great developments will be available to you as well. Just wait, I will provide multiple concrete examples.

This is a Talk (45 min)