Conference Session

State of Plone

By: Alexander Limi/Alan Runyan

About Alexander Limi

Alexander Limi is one of Plone’s original founders, and combines the kind of good looks, intelligence, sensitivity, and raw animal magnetism that only come from writing his own biography. He is currently improving the Firefox user experience at Mozilla in Mountain View, California. Limi is the all-hands person in the Plone project, and is responsible for keeping the user experience high-quality, consistent and easy to use — as well as herding the cats known as the Plone community.

About Alan Runyan

Co-Founder of Plone and President of Enfold Systems, Alan Runyan is originally from New Orleans, LA and loves himself some good cookin' and music — pillars of existence peoples from New Orleans loves. "Python on every desktop" is his vision.

About the session

This presentation highlights the current state of Plone as well as future highlights, as seen by Plone's co-founders.

This is a Talk (45 min)