Conference Session

Simplifying Plone

By: Martin Aspeli

About Martin Aspeli

Martin Aspeli is a prolific Plone contributor, regular Plone Conference speaker and the author of Professional Plone Development (Packt, 2007).

About the session

As Plone has grown, we have ended up with things that can be done in more than one way. This is confusing to new users and makes the barrier to learning Plone higher than necessary (and makes it hard to write book about Plone).

In this talk, Martin will outline which areas of Plone could be simplified or unified, and suggest a way forward. The audience will be asked to contribute suggestions and opinions, which will be captured, digested and published shortly after the conference.

Martin will also demonstrate some exciting new technologies and tools that lead the way to a simpler future, such as Grok-like component registration, Dexterity, GloWorm, plone.reload, and the PyDev extensions for Eclipse.

This is a Talk (45 min)