Schedule updates and changes

  • The warm fuzzy feeling: Supporting your customers - Christoffer Torris Olsen (9:30 AM Thursday). This has been replaced with a panel on "So You Want to





    ," moderated by Nate Aune.

  • Collective.transmorgifier: Plone migrations and more! - Martijn Pieters (9:30 AM Friday). This has been replaced with "


    Techniques" by Joel Burton.

  • Introduction to z3c.form - Kamon Ayeva (10:25 AM Friday). This has been replaced by a talk on the same topic by Stephan Richter.
  • Plone as a campaigns management platform - Matt Lee (2:30 PM Friday). This will be replaced as described below.

For the 2:30 Friday timeslot, we're going to put up a signup sheet on Wednesday morning with three 15-minute slots for people to sign up for. If there's something you'd like to talk about for longer than a lightning talk but with less formality than a full talk, this is a good chance to do so. If we have other cancellations in advance, we will use a similar method to fill utilize the time and room