Conference Session

Relational database applications with Plone and SQLAlchemy

By: Laurence Rowe

About Laurence Rowe

I've been a Plone developer / consultant for about five years. In Naples I gave a well attended talk on the ZODB. I recently spent about 9 months developing a workflow/rdbms application with Plone, and would like to.

About the session

collective.tin is a library for creating RDBMS backed content types for Plone with in database workflow and versioning and without the need for stub objects in the ZODB. Since finishing the project I developed this for I have been slowly tidying things up, recently releasing zope.sqlalchemy. I originally started a tutorial using a SQL first approach ( but this is a rather roundabout method for a simple application, so I will revise it to use a python first approach building on the new declarative extension to SQLAlchemy. I'll also switch from PostgreSQL to sqlite for at least the majority of the tutorial. I use zope.formlib for add/edit/display forms currently, which might possibly be switched to z3c.form if there is a large enough move in that direction in the coming months.

This is a Tutorial (90 min)