Conference Session

Reaching Deployment Nirvana Using Buildout

By: Clayton Parker

About Clayton Parker

Clayton Parker started with Six Feet Up, Inc. as the Systems Administrator being in charge of monitoring and backing up servers, updating operation systems and managing customers accounts. He then quickly moved on to developing custom web applications and custom content objects using Zope, Plone, Archetypes, Python etc. He is now the technical lead on many Plone development projects and has been using Buildout for over a year. Clayton, who has many presentations under his belt, is known to leverage his hands-on experience to engage a crowd of developers eager to hear from one of their own.

About the session

In the past, deploying a Zope/Plone application was a cumbersome task wrought with peril. Buildout has ushered in a new era of repeatability and ease of use. Spending hours to get your co-workers set up with just the right set of products and python libraries has come to an end. Six Feet Up's Lead Developer Clayton Parker will show you how to use buildout from your local development instance to the full blown production server instance with one buildout.

This is a Tutorial (90 min)