Conference Session

Plone and multimedia - publishing audio and video content with Plone

By: Nate Aune

About Nate Aune

Nate Aune is president of Jazkarta, a Boston-based consulting firm specializing in Plone-based web solutions. Nate is founder of the Plone4Artists project through which he has facilitated the improvement of the multimedia and calendaring features of Plone. He is serving his second term on the Plone Foundation Board and is a frequent speaker and organizer at Plone conferences and sprints.

About the session

The exponential growth of popular video sharing sites such as Youtube has shown that there is a strong demand for rich multimedia content on the web. Are you communicating to your website visitors with video and audio or only text?

In this session we will discuss the tools you can install on your Plone site to better handle audio and video content, publish podcasts and build community around this multimedia content with ratings, comments and tags.

We will also demonstrate how you can easily pull in content from existing video sharing sites and display it on your own site, while avoiding the storage and bandwidth costs of hosting these videos yourself.

Lastly, we will look at a case study of how we built, a popular community-oriented site for sharing video presentations, interviews, podcasts and screencasts about Plone.

This is a Talk (45 min)