Conference Session

Moving an old-style product to Plone 3

By: Ricardo Alves

About Ricardo Alves

Ricardo Alves is a software developer and project manager at Eurotux (, a Portuguese company specialized in professional services on open-source software, including content management solutions based on Plone. He has been developing with Plone for 5 years and is also a contributor to the Plone core and several add-on products.


Using a real-world example, this session will guide attendees to the process of transforming an old-style product into a fresh, extensible add-on for Plone 3. It will cover the basics to make an old product work on Plone 3 and also advanced topics on how to make it more robust and extensible, using new development approaches.

About the session

The talk will use a Plone 2 product implemented using a set of common old-style development patterns, feature content types, mixin-classes, custom workflows, portlets and CMF skins.                                                                                                                             

The session will first focus on the very basics to make an old-style product fully compatible with Plone 3, including recommendations already present on the available documentation (e.g. Plone Upgrade Guide).

After addressing the basics, some of the advantages of new development approaches will be explained, covering more advanced topics, as events, interfaces, portlets, adapters and views.

This talk will use an example product featuring a set of content types, skin layers, Plone replacements, new portlets, new actions and other features usually provided by add-on products.

This is a Talk (45 min)