Conference Session

K-12 Portal to Information Literacy

By: Darci Hanning

About Darci Hanning

I love to talk about Plone :-) And I like to think I've been involved in some interesting projects that are great examples of how Plone can be used to benefit various communities (e.g. schools, public libraries, etc).

About the session

(I've selected New to Plone below because I didn't see a Case Study track which we've had in previous years) The OSLIS (Oregon School Library Information System) website has been around since the late '90s and has undergone at least two major re-design efforts during its lifetime. Most recently, it was decided to migrate from a static, centrally maintained website to Plone 3.0. The primary objectives were to:

  1. Update the look and feel to be attractive to the K-12 student audience, taking into account the different needs between the K-4 and 5-12 student audiences.
  2. Implement new features to encourage student participation on the website as part of their research and information seeking process as well to collaborate with one another.
  3. Migrate content from the current OSLIS portal to the Plone content management system.
  4. Enable educators and other stakeholders to create and maintain their content and empower them to collaborate online.

Additionally, OSLIS continues to provide:

  • Access to approximately 30 subscription databases with content from thousands of periodicals
  • Tutorials, lesson plans, and other information resources for teachers and school librarians
  • Links to related resources (but external to the portal)
  • Resources for K-12 students on the topics of research and information evaluation
  • “Citation Maker” (an online bibliography tool)

This presentation will talk about the challenges and successes of this project as well as some comments from the students (I hope!)

This is a Talk (45 min)