Conference Session

Introduction to z3c.form

By: Kamon AYEVA

About Kamon AYEVA

I am a long time Zope and Plone developer and evangelist, and I am still active in evangelizing the Zope community and its technologies (Plone, Zope 3, Grok) today in France.

I have organized and delivered Ingeniweb's Training Services during 5 years, and I am now pursuing my commitment for delivering working Python-based solutions and coaching developers, with our new consulting practice, for a project within an important client for Ingeniweb (a Fortune 500 company).

I have delivered Zope/Plone-related talks in Europe-based conferences in the past including the following ones at the Plone conference in Naples last year:

  • The platform, the framework and the coach: How the right trio helps for application fast time-to-market.
  • Antipatterns, Patterns, And Rules Of Thumb For Successful Plone Projects.
  • Let the Machine work for you ! Using "Plone content rules" for more content management productivity.

On the books front, I have co-authored 2 editions of the french book on Plone (Eyrolles -

By: Stephan Richter

About Stephan Richter

Stephan Richter received his Master in Physics from Tufts University. He has been a part of the Zope community since the summer of 1999, and has been involved in community activities such as core developement, documentation and organizing conferences. He also consulted with Zope solution providers, developed many third-party pacages, and published three books on Zope. After attending the first Zope 3 sprint in early 2002, Stephan became a core Zope 3 developer. After consulting for several years, Stephan joined a new and very exciting start-up Keas, Inc as the Technical Lead in early 2008.

About the session

Using real world use cases and examples, we will learn the concepts and patterns offered by z3c.form, keeping in mind the developer goal of "being productive and delivering quality."


  • Getting started - An example for Form.
  • Add Forms
  • Edit Forms
  • How widgets work. Updating widgets.
  • Customizing the form rendering
  • Advanced concepts: Data Converters
  • Advanced concepts: Subforms
  • Conclusion - Where to go from here ?

I have started blogging on these aspects (see, and I hope to package the outcome of this later and contribute it to

This is a Tutorial (90 min)