Conference Session

High Performing Teams: What's the Secret Sauce?

By: Gerry Kirk

About Gerry Kirk

I've been a part of the community since just prior to the release of Plone 1.0 (2002). Early IT roots as a software developer, later moved into managing projects and process improvement, where my insatiable thirst for organizing and making things better is quenched. I have a Scrum Master Certification and have been working in agile projects for about 2 years. Check out my LinkedIn profile ( for more background information. Though I have not presented at a conference before, I am comfortable delivering presentations and training to groups. Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki are my presentation heroes - I try to follow their lead on style and substance. Oh, and I have a Canadian accent people love mocking / listening to.

About the session

What makes the difference between an average team and a high performing team? Scrum, an Agile software development framework can enable teams to perform 5x better than their Waterfall competitors, according to
Jeff Sutherland, co-founder of Scrum. Learn how a simple framework can improve communications with clients, surface issues earlier and make teams more productive. If you are using Scrum already, learn how to assess your team's Scrum-ness. A brief tour of Agile tools built by Plone solution providers is included at no extra charge.

This is a Talk (45 min)