Conference Session

Hybrid Vigor: Plone + Salesforce Integration

By: Andrew Burkhalter

About Andrew Burkhalter

Andrew Burkhalter comes from beautiful Seattle, Wash., and is employed at ONE/Northwest, an environmental nonprofit that helps other organizations use new tools and strategies to engage people in protecting the environment.  Since working to evaluate and choose Plone as a basis for web projects, Andrew has helped the organization to launch over 100
Plone-powered websites.  He also cofounded the Seattle Plone user group, assisted in the running of the 2006 Plone conference in Seattle, was a reviewer for Martin Aspelli's "Professional Plone Development", and maintains several add-on products for Plone, many of which will be on display in this talk.

About the session

The Plone community has delivered a powerful set of integration tools to connect Plone with the CRM platform. In this talk, we'll provide a high-level overview of the integration tools, and brief demonstrations of what kinds of website experiences they make possible: e.g, event sign up forms that submit directly to Salesforce, mapping compound forms to multiple relational tables in Salesforce, authenticating Plone logins against a database of users in Salesforce, Salesforce data exposed as Plone content, and more.

This is a Talk (45 min)