Conference Session

How to build a Plone site in 1 hour!

By: Maarten Kling

About Maarten Kling

Maarten Kling is working as a Senior developer for Four Digits in the Netherlands. Maarten is a Zope developer for six years and a Plone developer and integrator for three years. Maarten has implemented over a dozen websites, some examples are; Cool Region, CCV (Europe) and the Royal Dutch Chess Organisation. His specialisation is implementing a website design in Plone based on a Photoshop document and creating viewlets, portlets and content-types.

About the session

My plan is to talk about creating a complete Plone site, from start to finish. Showing all the basic stuff that is needed to create and customize your Plone site. The title is “how to build a Plone site in 1 hour” because I always try to build the basic portlets, viewlets and skin from a PSD delivered by the designer within one hour, just for fun, like a personal contest. In my tutorial I will show all the things I do, which are in my opinion the best way to start. I will create a Plone setup using buildout, create a theme using paster, create two contenttypes using argouml, create one viewlet and a portlet needed for the contenttypes. I will use programs like firefox, firebug and eclipse. I will tell something about all the tools that I use, therefore I will use the complete 90min to show a much as possible!

This is a Tutorial (90 min)