Conference Session

Cross-Training for Your Plone Deployment

By: Andrew Parker

About Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker has been deploying highly visible Plone websites with Six Feet Up for several years and, as such, has encountered a variety of deployment obstacles. He last shared his experience during a talk he gave at the Plone Symposium East. People who attended his presentation have described him as very thorough and detail-oriented, and felt he was a very knowledgeable presenter.

About the session

Using a live benchmark approach, Six Feet Up's Hosting Specialist, Andrew Parker, will reveal the secrets of reaching peak performance by going through a series of steps to configure your software and your hardware.

The presentation will cover hardware preparation steps (disk performance, memory, CPU), Nginx configuration, Squid tuning, load balancers setup, and enabling of memcached support. It will also address CacheFu best practices to speed up authenticated users' experience. A key here is that small changes have big effects as the default settings are pretty conservative. The included live demo will show a race between two setups: Plone with just Zope on the front-end versus Plone with a ZEO Cluster, Nginx and Squid.

This is a Talk (45 min)