Conference Session

Content Migration: Quantum Leap.

By: Vitaliy Podoba

About Vitaliy Podoba

I'm developer at Quintagroup. I was involved in qPloneTabs, qPloneDropdownMenu, geolocation and number of others products development. I am leading the Quantum Leap Content Migration Project and would like to present it at the conference.

About the session

Plone employs in-place migration of Content and Site Structures. To migrate a website from Plone 2.1.2 to Plone 3.1.2 it would be necessary to run many steps that are not always possible.

Proposed technique does migration without intermediate (version by version) steps.

We are going to present the way of migrating content of aging Plone 2.1.2 website to the modern Plone 3.1.2 system. The migration technique is based on Generic Setup approach. During migration site will loose all cruft it gained all the way to Plone-2.1.2 with default migration procedure. In the talk following points are illustrated:

  • extended universal marshallers;
  • how to transfer content;
  • convert content types that are not available in Plone-3 into new ones that implement similar functionality;
  • preserve the website URLs (move from SimpleBlog to Quills);
  • transfer the content generic properties (qSEOProperties);
  • keeping references between content objects;
  • transfer of users and members;

This is a Talk (45 min)