Conference Session

Cat-Herding for Plone: Organizing and Executing a Successful Remote Sprint

By: Veda Williams

About Veda Williams

Veda Williams has worked as a Plone skinner, designer and project manager for almost 3 years. In that time, she has skinned more than 60 high-end Plone websites. She has taught a class on theming, helped improve the user interface in the documentation and products area of, and championed a remote theming sprint geared to improve the overall theming story. Veda has contributed to the Plone integrators book, and is co-editor of the theming documentation section for She is currently writing a book on skinning for Plone, due out in Spring 2009.

About the session

This presentation highlights the OOTB (visual theming) champion project that was established as a priority at the Plone Strategic Planning Summit. The OOTB project gathered together nearly 40 members of the Plone community focused on improving the theming story. It resulted in the delivery of numerous Plone 3.0 themes, improved designs for to better surface themes and theme-related documentation. It helped to clarify best practices, gaps in knowledge and documentation, and increased the visibility of themers in the overall Plone community. The panel reviews the successes and challenges, and its profound impact on the theming and integrators story for Plone.

This is a Talk (45 min)