Japan with Takeshi

Let me submit a proposal for Plone Conference in Japan. *Note: Regarding item 7 Venue, I wrote "Not in Tokyo" in the proposal. But please allow me to change it. If we could find good place for cost, we would like to have a choice of Tokyo as same as local cities.* 1) Cost: The cost to travel to Japan is not very expensive. Plane/train are operating useful and reasonable. In Middle-size city(eg. Kobe 1.5 million population) goods price is cheaper than Tokyo. October season is not high season and climite is stable. It's good season for visit. I think there is no custom/visa issue here. Japan is neutral. 2) Ldging: We will choose the venue concerning lodging as a primary issue. Though 5-star hostels costs 20,000 to 50,000 yen per night, 3-star hotels costs 5,000 to 10,000 yen. The price will be cheaper in local cities. I have looked free space for backpackers in Padova Sprint. I've also looked free dormitory in Gothenburg. I am considering similar accomodation with a help from cooperative parties. 3) Staffing: Responsible entity will be Zope Japan Corporation. plone.jp community(100 ML accounts and 10 active members) and JZUG(Japan Zope Users Group(1000 ML accounts and 20 active members) volunteer will help us). We also use Open Source Japan Ltd's(parent company) staff for venue and suponsor hunting. Open Source Japan Ltd, is organizing 400 people events periodiaclly. 4) Logistics: There is no problem to prepare Internet connectivity, Display Projectors, Coffee/Catering services. They are usual stuff at the event. 5) Target size: 250-350 people. I hope many people can participate from overseas. We are flexible about the number. I prefer to take 350. 6) Rates: We do not increase the rate. We have several options to rent a space at school freely. Also, I am confident to get sponsorship from various companies and organization. 7) Venue: Not determined yet specifically. Some local city/place who welcomes open source activities. Not in Tokyo. Candidates are Kobe(1.5 million population), Hakodate(0.3 million), Tsukuba(0.2 million), etc. 8) Cost of Living: meals: Beef bowl: 300 yen, business lunch 800-1200 yen, business dinner 3000-5000 yen. party(food+drink) 3000-6000 yen, taxi 660 yen + 130 yen per some distance, bus ride in the city 200 yen, subway: 160-400 yen, beer in glass/jock 300-1000, can beer(330cl) 230 yen. You will find that consumption tax is just 5%. 9) Sponsors: I am confident to get sponsors from various sectors, eg SI companies using Zope, local government, etc. We can use Zope Japan and Open Source Japan's business partners network. 10) Marketing: We have strong channel with major press people face to face. Open Source Japan Ltd. PR group has good relationship with them since they do press release periodically.